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I grew up in Georgia on a farm and hard work was essential to fulfilling my part in the family dynamic. One day in November 2008, after driving home from a weekend-long seminar, I knew I had a dream to work in the wine industry of California.

From that moment forward, I was 100% invested. It took 2 more years for a connection to move California, but in 2012 I started working full time at Vezér Family Vineyard. Not knowing much at all about wine production (but knowing I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity), I asked if I could make wine at the facility after all of the winery’s production was finished for the day. The owner agreed as long as I would “treat the equipment the same as when I was getting paid to work with their wine.” 


The name Heart Cry came naturally because it conveys the very essence of my own heart’s desire to create a business and watch it grow to completion. I love every part of the process from discovering the best grapes to the experience of tasting a finished, balanced wine. Strength and diligence have proven key in bringing a Georgia farm boy to California to learn the art of winemaking.


Heart Cry wine is made from a small valley hidden just under the nose of Napa County. Suisun Valley is the location of the majority of the work done on this project with the hope that its reach is far beyond what we can see. 2012 was the first vintage made as a home winemaking project. It got a little out of hand (in a good way). We made so much we were honored to give it away to friends. In 2013, we purchased grapes with the intent to become fully licensed and create our own label. We desire friends and family to celebrate one another; their dreams or “Heart Cry”, knowing the wine they are drinking was created from a desire to see others prosper.


We are passionate about giving to the less fortunate of the world. Heart Cry is determined to give a percentage of each bottle sold to help feed and love orphans around the corner and around the world. 


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We pray you find your own Heart’s Cry.

Joshua Cawley & the Heart Cry Team

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