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Heart Cry Wine Club

  • Discount on additional wine purchases
  • 30% discount for purchasing a full case                            
  • First to taste newly bottled wines                
  • Receive exclusive offers not available to general public                
  • Input on future wines produced by Heart Cry        
  • For each Heart Cry purchase, 10% is given to help feed, clothe and house orphans.
**Wine Club is not available in: AL,IL,KY,MS,NH,NY,ND,SD,UT, VT

Billing and Shipping        
Upon signing up as a new member for the Heart Cry Wine Club, the member's card will be billed promptly and then the previous shipment will be sent . (i.e. If you sign up in January, you would receive last November's shipment.)        
If the new member signs up within one month of May or November the member will receive the scheduled shipment the following month        
Club wine ships twice per year, May and November.        
(If weather conditions are too hot for wine to ship, we will hold your order until your wine can be delivred without being overheated during transport.)        
Billing will be processed one week prior to shipment.        

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